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- Edited by: Sephar Sephiroth on 18/11/2010 00:50:55 Ugh, all you people talking about difficulty and ...2010.11.18 00:50:00
- If you have nothing useful to add to the discussion then please visit the WoW PvP boards and troll t ...2010.11.16 16:30:00
- Exactly the point of the Incursions. I dare say that CCP have designed these precisely because they ...2010.11.16 14:44:00
- You're sugar coating this far too heavily.I've never had to worry about hisec gate camps or gangs be ...2010.11.16 13:59:00
- No. That is the heart of the matter. The only way for incursion to interfere with people's business ...2010.11.16 12:57:00
- I do agree in part Tippia, but its coersion on CCP's part. Good or bad is a matter of opinion for bo ...2010.11.15 22:39:00
- Well thing is, we "graduated" from battlecruisers months ago. We've been running level4's, as stated ...2010.11.15 17:29:00
- Hear me out before jumping on my back.Me and a friend of mine have basically duo'd ourselves up the ...2010.11.15 13:28:00
- Notwithstanding the WarHammer PvPvE element where fleets are pitted against each other to fend off t ...2010.11.15 10:40:00
- Yes Paranoid would be a good way to describe it. I dont want to be caught in a situation where the t ...2010.11.15 10:32:00
- Hello out there.Been playing Eve for a few months now and have gotten myself into a corp and I'm spa ...2010.08.12 11:55:00
- Made 300M in straight ISK, plus a bunch of LP (didn't count exactly how many because I was p. drunk ...2010.06.14 10:56:00
- Why a 900M worth of ship + implants 16M SP miner should mine *half* as good as a 4 months old guy in ...2010.06.14 09:24:00
- Not accepting connections ... bull ...Im gonna go all sadist and say WoW was never this bad ... okay ...2010.05.07 19:39:00
- Moar phail ... oh well, 360 it is ... ...2010.05.07 18:56:00

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