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- First off i probably dont need your money. Im a more than a year old character, but i have not had ...2010.06.16 06:12:00
- So i would not have a passive armor tank if i fill my low tank slots with PASSIVE armor resist mods ...2010.05.06 13:37:00
- 50M sent. I put a reason on, not sure if i should have or not, but i figured, putting BIG 7th anniv ...2010.05.03 00:46:00
- I am running missions for Amarr. I am a Gal character, and i fly maraduars, both Gal and Minmatar. ...2010.04.28 00:40:00
- 20 more tickets bought, good luck ...2010.04.12 23:55:00
- 20 tickets bought ...2010.04.06 15:56:00
- correct me if im wrong. but as i understand them, courier contracts put the item into a special con ...2010.03.25 23:00:00
- i fly the Kronos at the moment. I have found it be lacking, that could be some of my skills, however ...2010.03.20 05:04:00
- /signedI would like to have a Harbinger and a well as a Slicer, and Firetail. ...2010.02.22 20:10:00
- contract accepted. thanks!! ...2010.02.20 06:43:00
- I will buy the Kronos if you havent sold it by the time i get online. Will be almost 10 hours. unle ...2010.02.19 15:21:00
- where is the tower at? and i would give you 450m for it. I cant log in until about 8 to 10 hours f ...2010.02.19 15:13:00
- bought 10. ISK sent ...2010.02.15 14:41:00
- yes that helps very much. looks like it is going to be a little while before i am ready to fly one ...2010.01.07 22:32:00
- can you be a little more specific about which skills? ...2010.01.07 15:39:00

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