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- A new window in the Eve client, movable, stackable, pinable, hideable etc. just like all the others. ...2011.08.18 10:17:00
- Don't really see the point. You're just creating an additional time sink that has to be negotiated b ...2011.08.14 11:58:00
- the tagging could be used to cripple another persons retail market deliberately. That is PvP, not e ...2011.08.14 11:52:00
- How would you exploit it? ...2011.08.13 19:35:00
- That's it? No other feedback?More reason to enter lowsec, less "Jita effect", more non-combat PvP ga ...2011.08.13 12:38:00
- The basic idea is for every item to have a security rating, and for it to be impossible/difficult/ri ...2011.08.11 22:04:00
- I'm against eliminating the local channel in nullsec.It's *the* primary means to recon and monitor t ...2011.08.03 22:04:00
- Lan Staz,123,27,3,59,75,82,119,124,129,68 ...2011.07.24 08:34:00
- Love the new turrets, from what I've seen on SISI anyway.Also, regarding....They've been planning So ...2011.06.21 19:10:00
- Looks good, but why does every new CPP Eve site have a different look & feel? ga ...2011.06.16 17:16:00
- To Chana Arech and Deten Bouras of the Ministry of Internal Order; if you are still in J105934 and i ...2011.05.23 21:56:00
- We’re also testing a small change aimed at rookies that disables closing tutorials until you’re thro ...2011.05.20 19:09:00
- Sorry if this has been answered already, but is there a way to determine which system is causing the ...2011.04.26 18:29:00
- Edited by: Lan Staz on 14/04/2011 08:37:58 ...2011.04.14 08:38:00
- In the market window, right click on an item from the sellers list and you have a "Buy this" option. ...2011.04.14 08:20:00

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