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- You haven't played EVE until you have experienced at least some of the following:* Multiple server ...2009.03.16 13:00:00
- That panel was actually also useful for helping to work out where caps might be jumping to when do ...2009.03.16 12:53:00
- Edited by: isometricantaliac on 14/03/2009 02:08:08 Never understood all the hate for people who ar ...2009.03.14 02:05:00
- wormholes will fail..point form: retraining skills the ships themself are fail, the idea of custom ...2009.03.12 11:23:00
- I have to agree with MS just above, who would it be harming IF the classic client was brought back ...2009.03.12 00:34:00
- I think that CCP have taken a big gamble with the dropping of the Classic client & although it is ...2009.03.11 00:02:00
- I think but am not sure that the server has a spit if you try to login to a Trial account while be ...2008.09.22 00:28:00
- You know it is a shame that people that don't get everything their own way have to run to the foru ...2008.09.13 04:38:00
- Seriously I can understand why people are moving away from things that are EVE related, in fact in ...2008.09.13 04:01:00
- If they have tried to call you and have got no answer after a few tries it is possible that they a ...2008.02.28 13:42:00
- Edited by: isometricantaliac on 12/09/2007 09:39:32 Edited by: Icome4u on 11/09/2007 20:40:29Yes. S ...2007.09.12 09:26:00
- Hmmm I can't help but wonder why anyone would get on a forum and announce that they are going to t ...2007.08.28 00:16:00

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