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- Thank you CCP. No one thought this could be possible but you are moving ahead with a plan that makes ...2011.04.02 18:57:00
- I just went thru this thread and couldn't believe what I saw....or more to the point, what I didn't ...2011.03.08 04:23:00
- Seriously, there needs to be an option for a "kitchen background" with all female avatars..... ...2011.02.01 15:03:00
- Edited by: Justyce Gazer on 22/01/2011 06:53:19 How about changing the sov system to where it is ea ...2011.01.22 06:52:00
- A few things you shouldn't do: 1. Tell her the nanobot paste you got was suppose to take care of th ...2010.10.07 04:38:00
- Both are sold ...2010.10.03 06:04:00
- Edited by: Justyce Gazer on 03/10/2010 06:04:33 Justyce Gazer online atm......please contact ingame ...2010.10.03 05:43:00
- I think it is nice idea - but I will limit bonuses to slots. Eq. ONLY if all high slots are full of ...2010.09.21 03:56:00
- No, not overpowered at all No, thanks seriously for the input.. What good is having faction ships wi ...2010.09.19 16:47:00
- why not simple have cumlative bonus's for using X-faction mods, like for every 1 navy module every m ...2010.09.19 05:54:00
- Who doesn't like the idea of finally getting to fly a faction ship? You scrimp, save and horde your ...2010.09.19 04:52:00
- Pierce County area here near Lake Tapps. I would enjoy a beer or two with some fellow Eve players.Ma ...2010.08.22 21:43:00
- Thanks for the offer but we've found new corps to go to nowSorry there buddy pal I forgot to mention ...2010.08.22 18:56:00
- Closed and sold ...2010.06.15 05:06:00
- Online price 590mil ...2010.06.15 04:45:00

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