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- Edited by: Nanobotter Mk2 on 13/02/2010 00:41:17They're far from rare. Quite the opposite in fact.I ...2010.02.13 00:40:00
- Edited by: Nanobotter Mk2 on 17/06/2009 06:16:52 Looking for buyer online now, using eve secure tra ...2009.06.17 06:08:00
- "To be perfectly honest, I can't stand carebear crap like this, but keeping with the honesty, you've ...2008.01.01 10:30:00
- Best quote I ever heard;Concord offers PUNISHMENT, not protection. Hey that is cool and all, but yo ...2007.09.17 04:34:00
- I have a question for all of you wise eve players giving this guy advice....what is the balance to t ...2007.09.17 04:25:00
- Low-sec isn't safe? Ohnoes! The horror!And here I was thinking that 'low security' meant midget cops ...2007.09.13 14:45:00
- What do you mean, "again" you ask? I'm not flying around all day, I'm playing on West Coast TZ, late ...2007.09.12 19:17:00
- Are you sure this is the right game for you? You do understand that other players interact with you ...2007.09.10 23:21:00
- I'm still praying the day cloaking Raven farmer types no longer can hide behind 3 WCS and their cloa ...2007.09.10 18:02:00
- Being able to fly in blob and use numbers to win? Needs to be fixed clearly an exploit to avoid risk ...2007.09.09 08:16:00
- Here is a wild idea, stop pretending killing people in ratting ships is PVP, stop wasting your time ...2007.09.03 22:07:00
- The real question is if concord should place a crime tax upon them that equals 1/2 the value of the ...2007.08.31 19:09:00
- nerf it I can't run around in cheap throw away pvp ships in big gangs to gank it!MEanwhile it is oka ...2007.08.31 19:07:00
- Nowhere in EVE is safe... Odd I could be wrong but it seems to me that the suicide ganker in his ch ...2007.08.31 19:00:00
- /signIf you want full immunity then go play a damned single player game. funny that is what suicide ...2007.08.29 08:58:00

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