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- i don't get it, so i have to do missions that are given by a gent that is belong to Gallente Federa ...2008.06.21 04:21:00
- Hmm. I don't know what happened before but I just tried the logserver and I was able to find my s ...2008.06.21 01:41:00
- Edited by: Wu Jiun on 21/06/2008 01:42:17 Why would you need to know your security status to such a ...2008.06.20 22:36:00
- Why don't you look for yourself and find out? Well i did and for me it didn't work. Well i am a noo ...2008.06.20 18:30:00
- Hi,is there still a way to get information on the player security status from the logserver? point i ...2008.06.20 17:16:00
- another step on the long journey to azeroth! way to go ccp. ...2008.06.20 14:16:00
- All the Ammarian talking abouot beeing the faction with the least amount a players: factional warfar ...2008.06.20 14:13:00
- Edited by: Aluka 7th on 20/06/2008 08:44:50 Regarding Amarr, Abbadon hits 950dps (without any imp ...2008.06.20 09:55:00
- Well regarding sniper work apoc is just much much better (and should be mind you). If indeed you man ...2008.06.19 16:19:00
- A lot of people asking for support with UI issues have corrupted their cache themselves by copying ...2008.06.16 11:32:00
- caldari are ruthless capitalists. why would they not align with the amarr? slavery is a matter of et ...2008.06.13 10:14:00
- Edited by: Wu Jiun on 13/06/2008 09:41:03 having more slots than others always makes a ship superio ...2008.06.13 09:36:00
- navy omen is tier2. exequeror etc. are tier 1(!). they cost a fraction of what the omen does. do you ...2008.06.11 02:58:00
- same here. :( i will just ignore it. overview hasnt worked fluently in 6 months so **** it. ...2008.06.10 22:34:00
- fun storylol bloody damn awesome. too bad we can't see the chatlogs i imagine those must've been hil ...2008.06.06 17:41:00

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