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- An additional bit of functionality that would help (me in the least) is a api call that would return ...2010.08.28 19:14:00
- Nope, there is however an IRC channel on #eve-dev it is an unofficial channel but ...2010.07.31 01:55:00
- A team is responsible for a feature long after it's on TQ; the whole point is that a particular team ...2010.07.31 01:35:00
- We are losing about 1000 members and the only 4 corps that do anything. Commence trollingComplete a ...2010.03.27 08:02:00
- I'd like for the eve api corp asset inventory listing to have the contents of each division nested w ...2009.10.22 07:15:00
- Edited by: LymeM on 22/10/2009 06:58:53 Ok, I didn't read the whole thread, or most of it.Suggestio ...2009.10.22 06:58:00
- Official ccp dump is out ...2009.03.24 05:04:00
- Someone has dumped a few of them already ...2009.02.27 06:46:00
- I forgot to mention that you will likely want to test the creation of the XDocument or put it in a t ...2009.02.27 06:44:00
- While your methodology is sound, I'd suggest that you are approaching this the hard way. We need to ...2009.02.23 19:33:00
- If CCP simply added the coordinates in space where the things were anchored, that would be enough fo ...2008.12.01 07:39:00
- What I can tell you is that we want to improve the support especially for API related tools, we ar ...2008.07.16 04:18:00
- No need for EVE to be multithreaded. What we do need is a rewriting of the EVE code so EVE stops lag ...2008.05.27 01:04:00
- Preemptive threading would completely obliterate the advantages that stackless gives by removing ...2008.05.18 03:17:00
- However, there is no reason that the claimed modules could not be available prior to the first dow ...2008.05.16 05:16:00

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