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- Hello, I have the C4 Pulsar system J165645 for sale. This system is presently unoccupied, with only ...2011.07.02 05:45:00
- In any case, here's another kill with my ashimmu. Made possible thanks to the ashimmu as the guy w ...2011.03.03 20:10:00
- another little ashimmu kill.Ugh w ...2011.03.02 23:27:00
- MX518 ...2011.03.02 23:15:00
- Its useless at its intended role. Ship neuts less than a pilgrim or curse, has no range bonus, needs ...2011.03.01 00:56:00
- Question for the Devs regarding some confusing wording in the blog. It is stated that the new system ...2011.02.25 00:18:00
- Some of the harder sites may be too much for an ArbiratorI can run all low sec sites in Omen that pe ...2011.02.24 20:33:00
- Covertops arguably are the "science vessel" of EVE already - they have the slots to do everything yo ...2011.02.23 00:38:00
- Interdictors are based off the destroyer hull and require significantly less total skillpoints than ...2011.02.22 23:54:00
- Sell it, buy an Arbitrator. Omen is useless due to its tiering issues. Arbitrator is super easy to f ...2011.02.19 05:00:00
- Like every vid of yours Prom, I loved it and longed for more by the end. That thanatos undocking on ...2011.02.16 04:45:00
- Minmatar tends to be fantastic at frigates and cruiser worker, Amarr tends to be fantastic on the ot ...2011.02.15 09:35:00
- Dictors are always a solid choice in 0.0 operations. They are unpopular because they are always prim ...2011.02.15 08:17:00
- The Pilgrim is a lot of fun to fly if you enjoy the stalking aspect of PvP. Its not a fast ship in a ...2011.02.15 01:07:00
- Nice vid mate, enjoyed it ...2011.02.13 08:12:00

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