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- We are sorry you got sand in your vagina during your obvious tenure in the dirt nap squad. The TS3 c ...2011.08.01 00:14:00
- Edited by: Marcus Welbey on 02/04/2011 16:11:33 I have read a number of posts on this topic, too ma ...2011.04.03 19:34:00
- DnD. ...2011.03.28 21:42:00
- Just a quick follow up to my original statement on page one.Obscenity removed. Spitfire ...2011.03.28 21:06:00
- Stating right now that this change sucks donkey ****s. ...2011.03.25 18:55:00
- DNSBlack has an awesome voice!Look for his next speaking engagement at the fanfest alliance panel di ...2011.03.23 15:14:00
- ...the only reason you'd have twenty sb dropped on a target would be to use them as torpedoe boats. ...2011.03.16 03:06:00
- Is he comfortable with full frontal male nudity? ...2011.03.10 02:58:00
- My first corp and my first killmail. Thanks to Mya and ONION for showing a noob how to canflip. Hats ...2011.03.01 19:38:00
- Seriously. The new bugs aren't that bad. They are inconvenient or annoying at worst. CCP causes a f ...2010.10.04 18:31:00
- Sack QA deptThis seriously. With this level of utter bull**** they are either deliberately trying to ...2010.10.04 02:41:00
- Can we please get an official statement/explanation for whats going wrong with deploying patch 1.1. ...2010.10.01 13:34:00
- I got a ten accounts mining fleetKrohnan? ...2010.09.30 21:14:00
- I'm afk reading this thread..i'll be back in a bit to post my thoughts. ...2010.09.02 17:54:00
- Someone needs to remind the ZULU that this isn't a call for MOAR SPEED - Its a call for a return to ...2010.08.26 19:03:00

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