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- Hey there,I was just wondering what I would use on a Dark Blood Control Tower Small, It's for a clas ...2009.11.21 12:39:00
- Sup Homi'sI wish to know a good POS defence setup, So far i have come up with 4 mediums, 1 web, 1 sc ...2009.05.11 03:53:00
- Edited by: Malshuraan on 12/01/2009 04:07:47 I am looking to fit a hyperion for pvp. Here are the s ...2009.01.11 12:23:00
- Solo? Interceptor, Recons, or possibly Ishtar, Vagabond, Sacrilege from the HAC series (Zealots and ...2009.01.01 07:50:00
- I need something with a nice tank and nice DPS. For solo pvp. ...2009.01.01 04:56:00
- Why is the deimos so bad, It has such a nice paint job. ...2009.01.01 04:29:00
- Edited by: Malshuraan on 01/01/2009 04:30:45 Hello, I am just about to start using a HAC. But i am ...2009.01.01 04:20:00
- All very interesting answers, I have noticed that when i do find something with recon probes its a s ...2008.12.29 12:57:00
- Whats the point of recon probes ??? Like spook and such ...2008.12.29 12:01:00
- Ok, So there is alot of lv3 misson runners in this system. Me and my corp want to BUST in on there m ...2008.12.29 09:04:00
- Edited by: Malshuraan on 28/12/2008 05:11:45 Edited by: Buga Buga on 28/12/2008 05:05:03 Color sta ...2008.12.28 05:10:00
- I am new to the game sorry, I cant see any filters that help me do this ? Maybe instead of been a sm ...2008.12.28 05:00:00
- Edited by: Xailia on 28/12/2008 03:50:21 Alachene (0.3) is a good low sec pocket.There used to be a ...2008.12.28 03:53:00
- Edited by: Malshuraan on 28/12/2008 03:50:58 Yes. Use your eyes kthxbaimaybe i don't want to spend ...2008.12.28 03:50:00
- Hello,I am a noob. I am looking for some low sec. I would like it to have high sec around it. So ...2008.12.28 03:16:00

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