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- posting in a ccp dev alt thread. ...2011.09.09 10:11:00
- Are there any plans to bring the new contract xmls into play? Would be nice to know how much i payed ...2011.09.06 22:22:00
- Edited by: Rhathyl on 06/09/2011 03:15:22 I used to be able to use auto-pilot as an auto jump and g ...2011.09.06 03:20:00
- it was put in game so that even richer players (100+ bil isk) feel a little pain if they lose one. ...2011.08.22 03:07:00
- Quarterly turns Annual.. ouch.. not a good sign at all. /me sells off CCP stock. ...2011.08.12 20:59:00
- make another lotto and call it gametime extravaganza. 12 plex for 1st place. \o/ ...2011.07.31 22:38:00
- Edited by: Rion Deteisan on 31/07/2011 22:36:26 nightmare x 1 plzI set up a private want to buy con ...2011.07.31 22:34:00
- Edited by: Rion Deteisan on 11/07/2011 19:36:09 ...2011.07.11 19:35:00
- Edited by: Rion Deteisan on 11/07/2011 18:12:10ISK or real money I'm pretty sure you're not allowed ...2011.07.11 18:12:00
- Well someones been paying for the expansions. If not us then who? Some anonymous benefactor?We pay f ...2011.07.11 17:55:00
- IF YOU PAY CASH TO GET ANYTHING, IT IS NOT FREE!! I dont see how this is not understood. You are get ...2011.07.11 16:46:00
- “What, exactly, you'll be able to spend your virtual money on is yet to be decided.”"There are no pl ...2011.07.11 16:29:00
- Captains SuitesFor the captains that enjoy the finer things in life. ...2011.07.10 18:28:00
- Hopefully, once they get those companies making all the EVE clothes, CCP can get back to spaceships. ...2011.07.08 18:27:00
- if a bit cheesy.Exact words I said. Good music though. ...2011.07.07 18:27:00

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