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- Edited by: Caldor Mansi on 04/11/2009 00:19:34 After faction ships getting massive boost, further d ...2009.11.04 00:18:00
- Projectiles will become competitive when Tyhpoons fit AC more than Torps and when a fleet of RR Temp ...2009.11.02 20:01:00
- I know it may sound like a simple request, but the compositing of the various teams changes is only ...2009.11.02 11:25:00
- i see you still refuse to do a fair comparationEVE is not fair >.> ...2009.10.30 18:31:00
- Falloff balancing simply won't work ever on large guns because fighting in falloff works with high a ...2009.10.30 11:28:00
- You ARE Wrong. That much is obvious and proved by my calculations in the previous post.No point to ...2009.10.29 20:11:00
- Edited by: Caldor Mansi on 29/10/2009 19:47:14About half of a ship EHP comes from shield and hull. I ...2009.10.29 19:45:00
- I'm sure the difference is extreme. But I have to ask, is that 29% less EHP you really mean? The d ...2009.10.29 18:08:00
- Doing the math on EHP VS the new ammo types is harder for me than just comparing straight up DPS.. ...2009.10.29 17:49:00
- Speed changes changed completely game. Roles changed due to that. Each weapon system must be reba ...2009.10.29 16:03:00
- The question that I raise is: why the heck are the devs making them even better? Because Nozh is not ...2009.10.29 15:14:00
- Bring back memories of a better time in which the Maelstrom didn't exist, and the Tempest could al ...2009.10.29 14:36:00
- Rose tinted glasses.Do you actualy mind to explain it?I really would like to know what sniping Tempe ...2009.10.29 14:26:00
- Your logic lacks logic. If Range is king, and lasers are the king of range, lasers are king by asso ...2009.10.29 14:20:00
- Sorry, that was a mistake. I had 1200 loaded to reap the base DPS + reload stats (so that I could ...2009.10.29 14:03:00

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