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- hey guys,So, I have a ATI Radeon HD 5870 (1GB) that I love but periodically the screen goes black an ...2011.09.05 16:34:00
- anyone? ...2011.09.04 18:49:00
- we can seek expansion in another universe just a download away. CCP will neer launch a true expansio ...2011.09.03 01:31:00
- hey all - before I start, this isn't related to CQ/Incana, just looking for some help.When playing p ...2011.08.31 04:58:00
- How has TEST not kicked you out yet? You are utterly incompetent and extremely unpopular, and a ter ...2011.08.14 21:55:00
- Why would i buy a PS3 when I have a fecking ubber 2.5K PC that poops on current generation consoles ...2011.08.14 17:54:00
- About 20 days ago I got drunk and went on a personal rip on some threads. To those I said some nast ...2011.08.14 06:36:00
- Glad you envoy it !glad I what'd it? ...2011.08.12 21:53:00
- so, I saw the forum-spam but what was "your roommate" doing ingame? ...2011.07.26 00:47:00
- uh nope like 70% of the eve community you cannot run incarna at 60fpsYes..pull some percentage right ...2011.07.26 00:32:00
- Edited by: AkJon Ferguson on 21/07/2011 02:22:38 So I log in today, scan down a WH, warp to it at 0 ...2011.07.21 05:20:00
- hi - a pal and myself have been having trouble finding any WT's to fight in highsec and I was lookin ...2011.06.21 06:12:00
- are there any tools or websites that use the API to show corp activity? our CEO has quit the game a ...2011.06.12 17:39:00
- Posting here because everyone's giving the Blink thread some love. <3right on :) ...2011.06.07 13:39:00
- I can't seem to access the mail? ...2011.06.07 13:19:00

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