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- Simply file a petition with stuff mentioned in game.And we know how effective the petition system is ...2011.08.23 13:14:00
- Phhh. God no.. Goons are almost more hated then furrys.What about furry Goons? And yes, I know of at ...2011.06.18 13:38:00
- We cannot marry our mounts? Love sees no species.I demand equal treatment! What kind of speciesist ...2011.04.01 13:07:00
- Pilots Involved: NanoChill, Lycanthrophy (notice the mis-spelling)Activities: Emptied corp wallet, s ...2011.03.26 15:15:00
- Edited by: WhiteGhostBear on 14/03/2011 15:18:36 I prefer my ram testes still attached to the ram, ...2011.03.14 15:18:00
- You have a unnatural voting pattern, voting has been disabled for you for a while.I'm unnatural? Wha ...2011.03.12 19:16:00
- i'm not going to be locking up the furry vote, let's not delude ourselvesHey, you never know. Strang ...2011.03.10 05:36:00
- This kind of activity - repairing, completing and generally polishing old content is exactly what EV ...2011.02.25 20:48:00
- I support this product and or service ...2011.02.24 15:37:00
- Biggest reason not to visit losec is the security status penalty, just get rid of it.For me, the big ...2010.12.18 05:34:00
- When DED sends me a mail telling me that a tower is low on fuel it would be great if it would displa ...2010.12.08 20:03:00
- WhiteGhostBear,2,6,7,16,40,51,67,68,120,135,197 ...2010.11.25 03:32:00
- - Post On The Forum and Win 100m Isk - ...2010.11.24 20:30:00
- Bounty added. ...2010.11.04 19:30:00
- I applaud your dedication to assisting the many creatures of Eve. Your timely rescue of this Hound w ...2010.11.02 01:18:00

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