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- So what am I looking for in a corp.Must have a good active euro tz. Active in pvp preferably with y ...2011.08.01 16:34:00
- Snow White ...2011.07.02 15:15:00
- ^^ ...2011.06.01 11:37:00
- Haven't had a single problem running on the high setup in the stand alone player.Dam good job ccp. W ...2011.03.26 14:58:00
- So when the HD stream has problems and keeps crashing etc (which it will do) Do we get our plex back ...2011.03.15 09:46:00
- Best corp I have ever been in. Friendly people and great to have a laugh with. Couldn't recommend MI ...2011.03.09 13:40:00
- Cheers Punker for organizing everything, had a great day.Defiantly up for another one some time. ...2011.02.20 10:47:00
- meet up on the 19 ...2011.01.18 22:37:00
- You want a reason to pull people in, Gambling ...2011.01.05 10:41:00
- I relay hope not. Yes they will be some people on on Christmas day but come on! Even ccp wouldn't be ...2010.12.23 19:53:00
- Put me down as a definite. Should be fun ...2010.12.22 19:02:00
- Sounds good, count me in. ...2010.12.16 12:32:00
- Yes. Hints have been given in the last dev blog that the update ui for the remap system would have ...2010.12.12 23:15:00
- Edited by: Danbar Roth on 08/12/2010 14:27:48 Hey I'm from Cumbria and no WOW in my house. Anyway. ...2010.12.08 14:25:00
- Ah, well their we go then, apparently not. Shame really. Well thanks for all that posted. And thanks ...2010.11.11 22:35:00

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