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- I wrote an article on it a while agoIt's Here ...2003.08.30 18:59:00
- acceleration control and navigation. ...2003.08.29 20:58:00
- waaaahhhhhhh waaahhhhhhhwhos the one crying? Not sure... ...2003.08.29 19:21:00
- Ok, lets start a discussion on how Agility works in the game.Agility is basically 2 factors, 1: How ...2003.08.29 19:10:00
- This is an area of the game with which I am not familiar, yet. As I understand it, to jam/scamble/w ...2003.08.29 06:12:00
- I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure that you can't warp to ships. ...2003.08.27 16:47:00
- You could try to fit it with 3 medium blasters 2 energy stealing devices (nosferatu or better)Do you ...2003.08.27 16:31:00
- Edited by: Zeidrich on 24/08/2003 04:28:35 Hi there. I've updated slightly my weapons comparison s ...2003.08.24 04:27:00
- Roids don't grow. That was a silly rumour started by someone a month ago. The only way you get ful ...2003.08.24 02:04:00
- 7 Miner II's 5 27% cargo expanders 1 photonic CPU Enhancer 4 Quad LiF MWD's 10 Harvester DronesY ...2003.08.24 01:41:00
- the way asteroid spawning works right now is that when you take ore from one asteroid, another aster ...2003.08.23 23:48:00
- I heard these 2 container are not working properly, what's the story?Can I still use them without ha ...2003.08.23 23:37:00
- When your guns track as fast as, or faster than the speed that the target is travelling, you don't g ...2003.08.23 23:27:00
- it's not that battleships are for battle only.It's that we don't have the proper tools, or the abili ...2003.08.23 23:23:00
- I agree, missiles should travel maybe 2x as fast, and have a much longer duration at least.But I don ...2003.08.23 23:11:00

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