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- Just bring your best deadspace fit Golems and you will be just fine. Logistics are overrated.yes...b ...2011.01.25 21:11:00
- This wasn't challenging or fun. The events where supposed to be more PVP like. Those Sansha ship ...2011.01.25 20:52:00
- Vanguards with 6 pilots.. Check Assaults with 10 pilots... CheckI see nothing wrong here.only wa ...2011.01.25 20:23:00
- Edited by: Count Chamberlain on 25/01/2011 20:20:37 Have to agree with OP. Went in with at least ...2011.01.25 20:19:00
- As a Caldari Pilot, i to agree with OP. Shield tanking is easy to make cap stable as opposed to Armo ...2010.10.30 23:31:00
- Bump for Justicedo it CCP :D ...2010.10.21 23:24:00
- Hari Markkus +1Same problem here about the certification planner too ...2010.09.30 19:23:00
- IMMA FIRIN MA LAZO-No Caldari..but its logging in :D ...2010.09.30 18:49:00
- all this time.....for a 18mb patch.........RAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEE ...2010.09.30 18:41:00

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