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- Interesting poast. Free bump for you! ...2011.09.06 06:22:00
- CCP doesn't care. ...2011.09.05 22:23:00
- Edited by: Monstress on 03/09/2011 21:40:49 Let's think about that for a sec... you had plex... Isk ...2011.09.03 21:40:00
- Edited by: Monstress on 03/09/2011 21:04:43 The API upgrade, while not directly influencing your sp ...2011.09.03 20:59:00
- Incompetent CCP is incompetent. Are you really this disconnected with your own player base that you ...2011.09.01 21:26:00
- The regions you speak of are Drone Regions. CCP knows there are a ton of Russian macros there, but f ...2011.08.31 19:59:00
- I have an iPad 2 and have attempted to use VNC for performing basic market tasks like updating order ...2011.08.31 19:55:00
- Parsing CSV (especially as this dump primarily contains numbers only, no complex strings) is trivi ...2011.08.31 19:51:00
- CSV would be the most ideal format. Many RDBMS provide a way to import CSV data into tables, for exa ...2011.08.31 01:09:00
- How can you not know the answer is a dualprop Dramiel? I took a look at this it l ...2011.08.29 18:07:00
- Every time you get a new piece of clothing, you miss out on a bug fix. gf n1.Because artists can jum ...2011.08.29 18:05:00
- No, because missiles wouldn't have interesting names.Besides, missiles are different to turrets. If ...2011.08.28 04:00:00
- I don't think there is a way to do this, at best you can move it around or flip it vertically/horizo ...2011.08.28 00:23:00
- Edited by: Monstress on 28/08/2011 00:12:53 I imagine the reason you have easier success with certa ...2011.08.28 00:11:00
- As long as the docking/undocking session timer stays, this is a good change. ...2011.08.28 00:01:00

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