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- +rep ...2011.02.17 02:16:00
- Anyone notice that most of the supporters are no-corp, no alliance alt posters??? Makes me want to ...2010.12.23 23:18:00
- YesThat being said, I don't care if they do it for Cosmetics (Yeah to vanity), Remaps (Dude if you a ...2010.10.08 02:29:00
- But but, there is only fleet fights in nullsec and only fleet fights make nullsec viable! Everyone e ...2010.09.02 20:59:00
- Edited by: Mac Maniac on 02/09/2010 15:18:54 Coming from someone that has lost his fair share of fa ...2010.09.02 15:17:00
- Nearly 80mil SP player weighing in:OP and his ilk are embarrassing themselves./agreedIf you can't ru ...2010.04.08 20:00:00
- Yeah.. yet another "Remove local" whine thread as if there aren't enough of these already... If any ...2010.03.18 20:19:00
- Torp golem is fine for high sec missioning but is a absolutely horrible fit for anything done in 0.0 ...2010.03.18 14:32:00
- Really just stop posting.. No reason to proudly display your ignorance and stupidity for all to see. ...2010.03.18 14:12:00
- Confirming once again that this horse has been been sufficiently beat that it has been ground up an ...2010.03.16 14:37:00
- TBH... all the the females I have encountered playing this game were more competent pilots/players t ...2010.03.03 15:37:00
- The answer is.............. 42 ...2009.12.18 22:58:00
- To OP:There is this really cool site called Evewiki; it has descriptions of the various sites and wh ...2009.12.18 22:09:00
- Most Obvious BoB/IT Alt PosterSnot Shot Butter Dog General Windypops Bismaru's Ambition Derek Ch ...2009.12.18 21:51:00
- In before CCP fixes the lagbombs and Phalanx Alliance is in the forums crying a river of tears about ...2009.12.17 15:42:00

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