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- Maybe its so the general public can't see how ****ed things are between CCP and their players. Maybe ...2011.09.07 10:31:00
- Clone cost stops me doing silly t1 suicide roams, since my clone costs roughly 30 times more than th ...2011.09.06 14:14:00
- Oh put some relevance to all this moaning ffs!Eve is an Internet SPACESHIP game.What you wear and wh ...2011.09.06 00:51:00
- Edited by: Oberine Noriepa on 04/09/2011 17:12:12 I will lol at the FPS drop down in space flight.T ...2011.09.05 18:32:00
- Gone mad bro. ...2011.09.05 18:30:00
- I had this with an early 5 series card. How old is yours?It would literally happen every 10minutes o ...2011.09.05 17:08:00
- I was going to say exactly this, but now I won't because I'l seem silly. ...2011.09.04 15:41:00
- Posting in the wrong thread ...2011.09.04 15:39:00
- I will lol at the FPS drop down in space flight.There would be no fps drop, you only have to render ...2011.09.04 15:34:00
- Buy ANY card made in the last three years and you won't have the problem.If you have a AGP slot, you ...2011.09.03 17:15:00
- he's running a company, companies are about making money. are you really surprised CCP are trying ...2011.09.03 15:25:00
- As stated above, drones will only attack an enemy if it attacks you. However, if the enemy attacks y ...2011.09.02 14:42:00
- I really could care less about grammer.All of the sudden, you took it to a whole nother level. ...2011.09.02 14:39:00
- For officer hunting, you need to move around to be successful. All rats in the region spawn from the ...2011.09.01 13:00:00
- Here's a Eurogamer hands-on preview of Incarna from 2008, yes, 2008! Read it, compare to what we've ...2011.09.01 12:51:00

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