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- Best line of the 'inspired' videos is from the Danish Journalist: 'Some of my best children have be ...2010.06.22 19:49:00
- So, once it's setup, how much time does do you think you'd need to spend, per day, to keep it runnin ...2010.06.10 14:26:00
- My client now starts up much, much faster than with Dominion. This is nice. :)Planet scanning is fu ...2010.06.02 14:08:00
- Hmm... server down right now? (not accepting connections!) ...2010.05.27 01:55:00
- Previously billing notifications would not include separators. For example it used to display as “yo ...2010.05.26 17:27:00
- Ged,It sounds like we might be a good fit for your style. ;) I'll drop you a line in game so we can ...2010.05.11 18:07:00
- Edited by: Jelzid on 29/03/2010 14:32:18 Edited by: Jelzid on 29/03/2010 14:31:42 With respect to ...2010.03.29 14:30:00
- Thank you for the great advice. So im far from my raven but not insanely far, just wont be 'tomorrow ...2010.03.23 15:27:00
- CCP: Thanks for the dev blog, and for keeping us informed about the progress on this issue. Your h ...2010.02.05 15:10:00
- Lag sucks. I'm no fleet FC, but I don't understand how an argument can be made for "lag as a tactic ...2010.01.29 21:16:00
- I think my hopes for the CSM were not very extravagant, so I'm happy to see that the efforts of the ...2010.01.06 15:28:00
- Thanks Kara, two BPO sets received.Very fast service (less than 30 mins on two in-stock sets)! High ...2009.06.23 01:00:00
- Awesome work CCP guys and gals! The exploration system is very fun now, and not nearly as frustrati ...2009.03.10 23:58:00
- A good read. I'm not sure why, but I liked this one a lot. The narrator was a brilliant twist on i ...2008.11.04 00:01:00
- Sounds interesting... I would like to hear from someone with an economic focus and the argument for ...2008.04.11 13:52:00

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