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- i'll take it, make sell order to Anst Yorsen. ...2007.09.18 22:46:00
- Make order to Anst Yorsen. ...2007.09.18 22:24:00
- 1 to Yamon. ...2007.06.26 18:57:00
- Still looking. ...2006.06.08 02:17:00
- Still looking. ...2006.06.07 11:15:00
- Still looking. ...2006.06.07 01:14:00
- You name the price btw, and i will consider it, mail me in game if you can sell me such a character. ...2006.06.06 16:16:00
- I'm offering a nice sum of isk for a character that can use the fleet command ships.I will pay more ...2006.06.06 10:16:00
- When you get the login bug, you have to wait 5 minutes, not 15.The 15 minutes is a seperate issue, t ...2005.10.28 21:18:00
- So i was fighting against a group of 8 enemies, i warped away to a safespot and being the suicidal p ...2005.10.28 21:15:00
- The blueprint isnt even in the item database yet. ...2005.10.06 05:23:00
- I cant see it under electronic engineering, i thought this item would have came from rocket science? ...2005.10.06 05:16:00
- I dont care if its a warzone, as long as the pass makes it so the owners dont attack me. ...2005.10.05 15:28:00
- I saw a post a while ago about how germinate was offering passes to their region, who should i speak ...2005.10.05 13:38:00
- When i get home this evening, i will start moving this char to a newbie corp. Otherwise, i cannot st ...2005.08.30 17:01:00

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