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- Its not only about girls. Its also about us boys who like other boys!Hippie movement ftw, lets all ...2011.01.28 03:26:00
- Edited by: Kaya Divine on 27/01/2011 21:29:33 If you have no intention of building cosmos stuff the ...2011.01.27 21:28:00
- I like looking at graphs...not sure what should I see in them, but they make me look smart.Anyway ma ...2011.01.27 02:11:00
- All "events" which could be seen as "reasons" why prices changed, are just excuses used by market ma ...2011.01.27 01:51:00
- Sadly its true... We need a buff, I propose immediate removal of all t2 bpos. With this slightly ...2011.01.23 20:15:00
- Thank you guys, it just seemed odd that it was the only one to be empty 4 times in a row. I mainly j ...2011.01.21 01:13:00
- It doesn't have anything with containers and which is hardest. EvE RNG decides what cans will have ...2011.01.20 22:50:00
- Tbh, I never did that mission, or had any plans to do so. But I have solidarity to those who are li ...2011.01.20 22:45:00
- Edited by: Kaya Divine on 20/01/2011 00:34:18Emo much because someone posted about YOUR new source o ...2011.01.20 00:34:00
- Oh, I see. In that case I will restrain from further bidding. ...2011.01.20 00:13:00
- Edited by: Stealing Honest on 19/01/2011 23:23:20 I will be keeping track of the bidders.Bidders (1 ...2011.01.19 23:41:00
- Edited by: Kaya Divine on 19/01/2011 23:30:29If you get uber loot from a mission please immediately ...2011.01.19 23:27:00
- how the hell is this share bidding working? I dont know, but you have lovely eyes. ...2011.01.19 20:48:00
- Micro transaction will not gonna happen unless EvE becomes FTP. I did gave elaborate answer of proj ...2011.01.19 20:33:00
- I bid on 100 shares @ 1.5m isk per share. ...2011.01.19 20:23:00

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