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- Yeah, me too I think. Given up trying to get this client to work. Btw, you can CMD+OPT+ESC to close ...2011.03.11 22:03:00
- I applied the main patch at the end of Feb, but didn't patch the optional client update. Just tried ...2011.03.04 19:29:00
- Doing all mine in a passive tanked Tengu atm. My Golem hardly gets a look in anymore ...2010.04.08 12:38:00
- Some people want to be podded so they don't have to make a gazillion jumps back to whence they came. ...2010.04.07 14:54:00
- Every race has had its nerf in the past. Back in 2004/2005 Ravens were the be all and end all in PvP ...2010.04.06 12:15:00
- How are you guys getting it into Windowed mode? I only get the Fullscreen option in the drop down li ...2010.04.06 10:42:00
- Don't target the macro miners. Pointless. Where money is involved you will never stop people from fi ...2010.04.06 09:50:00
- Come now. Ugly and stupid doesn't mean you can't like it (and just as well in your case) ...2010.04.01 11:56:00
- Should be selling this in the Character Bazaar. Also I think you have to be in an npc corporation to ...2010.04.01 10:24:00
- You're all set. ...2010.03.31 16:17:00
- Edited by: Venetta on 31/03/2010 16:01:16 Edited by: Venetta on 31/03/2010 15:58:41 <--Reply here ...2010.03.31 15:58:00
- This is the only MMO I've ever played. I keep taking breaks but then come back again for a while. ...2010.03.31 09:22:00
- you all fail. Ugliest ship has to be the Wreathe! ...2010.03.31 07:03:00
- If it wasn't for 'pod goo' I'd have quit eve long ago.I just love the taste of it ...2010.03.30 12:00:00
- Go vBulletin and be done with it ...2010.03.30 09:19:00

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