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- Monitoring thread, ask price is firm. ...2009.05.25 20:25:00
- Though disappointed with the testing phase for the Mac client, I must say I am very impressed with h ...2009.03.10 16:22:00
- ...SwitchResX... That is an excellent solution. Thanks for posting it! ...2009.02.12 12:50:00
- Full set of all races, to me, please and thanks ...2009.01.30 23:49:00
- There is already a thread on this from last week.My choice is AB...and also not to change the ship. ...2009.01.27 12:08:00
- There are some ships that are less than perfect for what? I rather like my Retribution ...2009.01.19 00:10:00
- I keep all effects turned off...this proposal would be very helpful. ...2008.12.22 19:18:00
- I like history. I like the recording of history to be accurate. If an alliance had an impact on th ...2008.12.22 19:15:00
- I got the Anathema (with quite a lolfit...though it included a TS reactive membrane)! Thanks, Chrib ...2008.12.20 20:11:00
- truncated content ...2008.11.27 16:18:00
- For the hunted: This will help them operate in a assured safety environment, since local will not wa ...2008.11.25 13:00:00
- Fifty years...that's about when us Mac and Linux folks will get Premium. Maybe. At least we might ...2008.08.13 15:45:00
- Take a look at this...CCP Whisper responded in this thread THIRTEEN MINUTES after the OP.Lemme say t ...2008.08.07 19:55:00
- C'mon Hagis, you're making the anti-crybaby crowd look like crybabies! ...2008.08.03 14:36:00
- truncated content ...2008.07.14 11:45:00

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