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- I'm putting down my bet for tomorrows crash: The hour between 14:00-14:59 ...2011.07.17 00:13:00
- You need to loosen up those fanboy blinders, they are obviously cutting off the circulation to what ...2011.07.15 17:51:00
- Update. Due to start up issues the downtime will be extended to 16:30UTC. We thank you for your cont ...2011.07.15 16:28:00
- You are my hero, please construct the church where I may pray at your alter. ...2011.07.15 16:08:00
- Turn it offAnd then canceled three paid accounts. 2 years for this stinking pile of shat? ...2011.07.01 05:02:00
- Sorry, all I'm reading is that CCP is doing their best to spindoctor the negative publicity surround ...2011.07.01 01:42:00
- We are in full witness of the Dunning–Kruger effect on this dev blog. Professors of social psycholo ...2011.06.24 22:14:00
- Maybe I'm wrong, but isn't Cat a guy?Which explains his disappointment. ...2010.05.26 15:49:00
- So we are all forum grazing while waiting for the patch to hit, but what else are you doing while an ...2010.05.26 13:52:00
- I too am forked by Jita. I wanted to go there to buy/outfit a throwaway BC to sacrifice to wormhole ...2009.03.11 00:11:00
- Edited by: Trotula on 16/02/2009 00:28:28 Lets hear them, and so that we don't get moved into the o ...2009.02.16 00:25:00
- I have a winamp playlist called 'Eve' for when I want to listen to music while playing (I have the E ...2009.02.11 05:00:00
- My diplomacy already knocks it up to -3.31 but it's not enough to be able to use agents in Amarr. I ...2009.01.31 19:14:00
- Edited by: Trotula on 31/01/2009 18:38:48 Hello, I have a -5.12 standing with the Amarr Empire and ...2009.01.31 18:21:00
- I like the newest trailers, but I think they could be improved.Please please PLEASE hire the guy tha ...2009.01.27 04:55:00

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