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- In my shallow, poorly considered opinion, bounties mean nothing because they are meaningless in high ...2011.09.07 04:19:00
- It would have been hilarious if you could have watched your miners disperse to the far flung reaches ...2011.09.06 22:17:00
- This is a compilation of some of my attacks, success/failures using the Proteus. Fast foward to 2:16 ...2011.09.01 15:54:00
- Bet you could calculate the average player age ingame these days and find a huge swath of subscrip ...2011.08.22 18:37:00
- It's the door the pay toilet. It only takes Aurum.One 1000 Aurum dump coming up. ...2011.08.22 18:34:00
- Maybe theres to many dots to connectI'll bet you have enough crayons to complete the picture. ...2011.08.18 03:49:00
- I got a nasty scratch on my Velator yesterday. I was hoppin' mad. ...2011.08.14 02:12:00
- WHAT? ...2011.08.11 04:07:00
- Edited by: MeestaPenni on 07/08/2011 02:52:15Three different people would claim that they stole the ...2011.08.07 02:52:00
- you don't have to make a petulant quitting thread in order to complain.Heck no.....we could use your ...2011.08.02 20:20:00
- Zedrik's probably more pleased than a pig in shiat......look at the fresh crop of stupid he has to p ...2011.08.02 16:49:00
- It's a shame the reviewer lost all of his weapons....'specially when his insured shuttle got 'splode ...2010.11.30 19:42:00
- Now there's a good testimonial to the decision making skills of an NROTC trained, college educated p ...2010.11.11 02:25:00
- I went and tried to find Gary such player exists. Of course not......but Gary Hagon doe ...2010.11.06 02:56:00
- Doggone..... ...2010.11.06 02:54:00

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