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- Yeah, that one room is pretty great. As Cpt. Malcolm Reynolds told Zoe when he first showed her his ...2011.07.07 12:26:00
- Yea I have 4 accounts that may run out of game time soon, its several reasons for me. Destruction o ...2011.07.07 09:37:00
- Hehe yes the press conference was for the current EVE player base, it has nothing to do with potenti ...2011.07.07 09:18:00
- A good example on implementing huge changes more or less without warning is found in this thread: Ma ...2011.07.04 13:01:00
- They never stopped... Linkage This is just a fantastic link, look thought that list that was put t ...2011.07.04 12:54:00
- Give them a break, they worked hard comming up with new idea to get money. Buy a monacle... ...2011.06.23 23:05:00
- I like this Idea - I have a small additionSecurity log scramblers should be illegal - if your caught ...2011.06.22 12:55:00
- Little bit oh highjack but if thatís the point of view why is high sec ganking still not changed? Th ...2011.06.21 13:27:00
- You are right, the AFK comment was mostly as a counter to all the threads about AFK cloaking being a ...2011.06.21 12:33:00
- You mean like ships with onboard scanner and probes.... Granted cloaked ships with Security log scr ...2011.06.21 11:22:00
- Edited by: CCP Dropbear on 20/06/2011 21:38:43 Both sides were looked at. In the end it came down t ...2011.06.21 11:19:00
- I would like to suggest a new module: Security log scrambler Description: The Security log scramble ...2011.06.21 11:09:00
- Hehe I know its not a great role but it seems to be the best mining BS as already pointed out. ...2011.06.20 09:23:00
- Edited by: The Newface on 20/06/2011 09:06:24 Buffer tanking in missions are difficult, especially ...2011.06.20 09:04:00
- well, he is sorta right, since large lasers have the highest practical dps, as in good dps at good ...2011.05.27 13:39:00

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