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- I like turtles ...2011.07.08 10:09:00
- Hahaha that faction fit wolf was awesome, 400mil isk frigate kill = win ...2011.05.22 10:36:00
- mmmmmmm more corpses for the collection. I think I've crossed the 800 mark ...2011.05.19 22:10:00
- Vegas Vacation will not be paid for by the corporation, but your first drink will be bought by phrea ...2011.05.18 20:44:00
- This one time, we killed some ****, and it was really fun. True story. ...2011.05.18 18:44:00
- There should be a way to right click a bookmark from people/places->add to overview. (or even the ri ...2009.12.29 02:18:00

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