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- What a lol-fest that video is! Apart from the 'shiny-shiny' of walking in stations (bothered) there ...2011.03.31 17:09:00
- Edited by: J''Torr Kitano on 22/02/2011 17:09:55 So, without more info, I'd say you are relatively ...2011.02.22 17:08:00
- WARNING: WOT I've been keeping an eye on this thread for some time now. I've gone from giggling at ...2011.02.22 15:45:00
- /me gets popcorn ...2011.02.19 22:09:00
- May just be co-incidence, but I'm having serious issues getting Eve to run since this morning :(Kee ...2011.02.11 20:11:00
- I know the problem. I stopped using the arrows and only use the faces of the cube...much faster and ...2011.02.03 20:59:00
- Character creator gave me a hood the second time I logged in. Never did I have a hood on him at any ...2011.01.19 06:24:00
- Edited by: J''Torr Kitano on 18/01/2011 18:35:05 I created portrait and took two pictures BOTH with ...2011.01.18 18:24:00
- One or two very pretty pictures creeping in the sides here....bodes well ...2011.01.18 17:14:00
- I tap a red mana and a black mana and play the "sounds legit" meme. hurr... I tap two blue and put ...2011.01.15 15:41:00
- Periods are the new commas. I sure hope not. Imagine the bl00dy mess.... ...2011.01.15 15:29:00
- Blasters all the way!The Balcon is nice, but be prepared to produce a lol-lossmail when you die....a ...2011.01.15 15:24:00
- HAMs aren't really going to work given the ship has only 1 missile hardpoint, so if you really wan ...2011.01.15 12:01:00
- Decided to continue with my Ewar skill set but try and get some gank out of it as well and was happy ...2011.01.15 11:14:00
- Kitano:If the RR is playing leprichaun station hugging games, the pilots are usually on an ichy trig ...2010.12.16 19:20:00

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