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- Interesting idea -- if someone is interested in e.g. rigs only he can just select rigs Ill see if ...2010.12.30 08:57:00
- Love the app, have been using it since, oh, the beginning of time now. However, there's always room ...2010.12.27 09:39:00
- Always open for new members; please apply in our chat channel eml-pub - we have whiskey. :) ...2010.01.16 16:00:00
- Edited by: Thart on 31/12/2009 21:02:25 The simplest way is to delete configuration file %MyDocumen ...2010.01.02 10:51:00
- Great bit of software! However, after upgrading to the latest version, it starts minimized on my Win ...2009.12.31 08:27:00
- I've been quite pleased with Crossover so far - I've only got some portraits that don't render, and ...2008.05.15 20:52:00
- Might I suggest FVWM as WM? ...2008.02.23 12:39:00

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