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- 12 heads and 1 ECU uses 9200 powergrid 12 old extractors use 9200 powergridThe extraction rates a ...2011.01.19 01:36:00
- Iodus,26,45,50,54,56,57,58,61,106,111,139,142,146,159,166,167 ...2010.11.24 22:50:00
- As I said before, I can't begin to suggest mechanics of how that idea would work but I certainly thi ...2009.11.17 18:57:00
- I'm against this idea. I'm a new player and learning skills don't discourage me from playing the gam ...2009.11.14 23:18:00
- After doing some research I couldn't find any similar proposal. If it does exist, please provide a l ...2009.11.14 22:49:00

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