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- Minimum System Requirements: •OS: Windows® XP Service Pack 2 / Vista / 7 •CPU: Intel Pentium® or A ...2011.06.23 22:26:00
- Edited by: TerrorSquadMF on 21/04/2011 21:32:00 fail how do i delelte this post? lol ignore... ...2011.04.21 21:31:00
- so GTC is only 2 plexs, impossible to legally do it for 1, that sucks, haha oh well ty anyways. ...2010.08.28 03:33:00
- I just want to buy 1 plex with real money, then sell it for isk in-game, I know you can buy 2x30 4x3 ...2010.08.28 02:45:00
- This lag is annoying, everyone everywhere in eve is lagging right now, we can't do 400 + fleet battl ...2010.07.29 19:48:00
- Okay so in my 0.0 sov space today a nuet was trying to dock to grab his mega, ect, but he couldn't. ...2010.07.16 04:15:00
- lvl 5's are impossible to run without being ganked, as a resault anything u can buy with lp has rise ...2010.07.02 22:36:00
- 1: lvl 5's do give story lines, same as lvl 4's, and al lother lvl's, after 16 mission,s you get a 1 ...2010.06.11 16:50:00
- i like that 1, haha, i'll use it. unless i hear a better 1. lets see them petition that. ...2010.05.30 02:03:00
- Someone thought it would be nice to petition my corp info because it had, "Remember we like ****ing ...2010.05.30 01:44:00
- i need a chart for the amount of ore needed to build the chimera, and phoenix Cap ships, dont' feel ...2010.04.01 19:44:00

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