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- 10/10 for douche baggery.This is why no one pays ransoms anymore. Piracy is more about griefing or k ...2010.08.13 14:33:00
- terribad fit, all t1 had combat drones though.Well i'll keep it in mind, then. ...2010.08.13 12:56:00
- Edited by: Aamas Taros on 13/08/2010 12:30:08 Yes I am ashamed to say so Useful considering the cir ...2010.08.13 12:30:00
- So... The other day I was minding my business in my Ishkur and sumbled across a hulk in lowsec...I p ...2010.08.13 12:24:00
- Tell that to a third of federation citizens.. ...2010.08.09 01:48:00
- Ya but maybe instead of 50 BS' they could do like... 10 sleeper like BS'... I dunno. Feels underwhel ...2010.08.08 22:44:00
- Friendly bump for an awesome guide! ...2010.08.08 22:36:00
- But how does it compare to other faction ships? ...2010.08.08 01:41:00
- Ya... But it's difficult to take the "sansha threat" seriously when they are so easily destroyed. Th ...2010.08.08 01:34:00
- are they still awesome or have the other faction ships completely outclassed them? ...2010.08.07 18:42:00
- So... How are these sanshas? Equivalent to rats? More like players? Do they use the sleeper AI?If th ...2010.08.07 18:03:00

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