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- Edited by: Ac33 on 30/08/2006 15:28:22 hmm i fly a niddy... i can atm tank 3 bs, 1 cruiser + a than ...2006.08.30 15:28:00
- hey there hope u guys can help me out here.ive been runnin some blood raider mission (0.0) and im in ...2006.05.25 20:44:00
- 1: yes if its t2 cap rechargers its true... the sellers are running a hard market. 2: well a nos do ...2006.03.03 11:14:00
- now im soon (hopefully that is) gonna get a minmatar carrier... the Nidhoggur. and i have been playi ...2006.02.28 10:08:00
- I might be interested in acommodating an Ishtar BPO. But what shall i exspect it too cost just rough ...2005.11.12 00:02:00

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