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- Your story tells me you should be very grateful they were new. By any standards anyone who was hal ...2007.06.19 04:26:00
- trying to think how much to send people.. any ideas? am interested to see what it might be worth..m ...2007.06.19 03:40:00
- Edited by: babo on 19/06/2007 02:43:41 "The ultimate rant contest" Sadl ...2007.06.19 02:38:00
- I think it comes down to the simple fact that economics needs hubs and centers. It is sort of like ...2007.06.18 00:12:00
- Hey.. As far as I can tell, these are random. I have a few, they require a lot of "ingredients" th ...2007.06.17 20:28:00
- man.. I had given up missions to go an rat in 0.0 ... guess everything gets boring after a time, b ...2007.06.17 20:19:00
- up in BS and get on top of their can, drop your own with one piece of ammo in it (make note ...2007.06.17 16:10:00
- apparently rails will be used more in fleet after tuesday ...2007.06.17 15:41:00
- GF to -A- and excellent tactics, in many ways, AXE and ex-AXE is more than likely going to take thos ...2006.12.26 18:14:00
- required skills for building riggs ready to start training up the rigger skills the second they come ...2006.11.16 14:40:00
- On this topic, I know a little as I did moon mining for a while and reactions etc.. There is a LOT ...2006.10.23 05:14:00
- no offense, by we fought 50 v 35-40 most of the night and you had us outnumbered on BS. especially w ...2006.10.16 17:52:00
- You guys fought good.. that is the most fun I have had in a very long time.. only one node crash la ...2006.10.16 13:38:00
- I second Mr. Stargate.. We are a large deep space corp with a lot going on... all the time.. alway ...2006.10.11 23:35:00
- I think we might fit the bill there.. .. we are a large deep space corp 50% US and 50 ...2006.10.11 22:43:00

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