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- Edited by: Varnoka on 16/06/2010 08:15:48 I put this up awhile back when I first got my Gila. I've ...2010.06.16 08:15:00
- Edited by: Varnoka on 02/01/2010 02:38:58 Not only that but *gasp* some T2 and faction cruisers can ...2010.01.02 02:38:00
- Hiya Alderon and welcome back.Pirate corps: Try the Python Cartel (I believe they have an academy no ...2009.10.22 04:33:00
- Bump for some great gals. Geaux Tiger wanted me to tell yall "Hi". ...2009.10.20 21:47:00
- Sound was supposed to be heard in all its glory with this patch.Uhhhh.....Still messed up it seems. ...2009.04.16 19:58:00
- Overview settings guide ...2009.03.24 20:33:00
- Actually Grista its doubtfull that Achura will be valued more. Once you have the base support skills ...2009.03.24 00:57:00
- Nope no recent documentation sorry. As for character guides, about the best thing you'll find right ...2009.03.24 00:50:00
- Here's a link to a post detailing how to go about setting up your overview settings. It has basic se ...2009.03.20 07:03:00
- Confirming it is a bug and happened a couple times on SiSi. Bug report it so they can track it down. ...2009.03.10 20:43:00
- Complicated question you asked there. I would go for support skills first. Capacitor, CPU, and Power ...2009.02.20 05:31:00
- I would like to know the ship types/numbers in this fleet as well as the Sleeper numbers per encount ...2009.02.19 21:57:00
- Edited by: Varnoka on 30/10/2008 21:33:54 All the great sites are in 0.0. Decent sites are in low-s ...2008.10.30 21:31:00
- You pretty much have to include the loot and salvage into the figures to achieve a 30mill-50mill an ...2008.10.05 10:28:00
- Confirmed got some nice moules.Thanks man ...2008.10.05 10:19:00

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