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- ok we have cloaks which seem to work well but how about a mod that allows you to give the impression ...2006.07.24 18:24:00
- like you said its easy for some to make is and this would make it even easier as in real life the fi ...2006.06.28 08:33:00
- would be nice and a little time saver to add click to go to destination in the transactions window a ...2006.06.28 08:24:00
- ye it does, but even in kill missions there is a main payment and some kill missions have a final co ...2006.06.23 21:44:00
- Dunno if anyone has suggested this but how about....When on a mission you have a time limit in which ...2006.06.23 19:40:00
- anyone got any ideas what price a hulk bpo would sell for ...2006.04.23 10:58:00
- OK here is the info:I have 2 accounts 1 with 30m sp the second had 8m spmy main account is ready fo ...2006.04.15 22:45:00
- 30 m skill points most skills level 5 can fly most things Gallente characterwith about 2 bil in ca ...2006.04.12 18:34:00
- Someone may have mentioned this but I can not find a post but anyway:An idea would be the ability to ...2006.04.03 00:44:00
- I have 2 characters 1 at 28+m sp the other on 8m sp Im gallente and have -1.4 security with a boun ...2006.03.06 11:33:00
- I have been writing scripts for m/irc for a number of years an am very proficient and beleive me onc ...2006.01.14 14:59:00
- dont you mean control+f9 hmmmm ...2006.01.14 14:53:00
- In certain regions it becomes so laggy at time that you have to log off then on again to get either ...2006.01.13 02:07:00
- all you have to do is click on the top of the name column and it goes in alphabetical order then loo ...2005.12.28 11:33:00
- the font is fine with text but i have noticed where numbers are used the . makes thing look differen ...2005.12.28 11:11:00

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