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- For God's sake there is nothing wrong with Amarr lasers! You can't overpower a weapon that A) is re ...2011.09.04 02:31:00
-, found this.Bye. ...2011.09.02 12:27:00
- Soooo do you have any collateral or would you yourself classify this as a "high risk" investment? I ...2011.09.02 12:20:00
- Edited by: Xirin on 24/08/2011 03:29:13 Jump drives don't traverse normal space. Thus, while you a ...2011.08.24 03:27:00
- x ...2011.08.19 20:41:00
- Gleefully written post about people being killed make me sad. Right or wrong, the happiness you see ...2011.08.11 01:28:00
- I don't see this panning out in the near future...I mean, eve can't even get polygon collision worki ...2011.08.02 20:25:00
- Xirin,27,34,47,61,75,139,143,150 ...2011.07.26 00:25:00
- During that time if you do NOT mine the rocks all the way down till they pop after the next downtime ...2011.07.23 01:50:00
- Is it just me, or have there been an awful lot of these threads lately, more so than usual?Did someo ...2011.07.20 22:16:00
- I for one would like to see some hard numbers on the percentage of high-end minerals that come from ...2011.07.15 12:34:00
- Nice video, not very realistic, but at least it'll bring in thousands of noobs who will go and try t ...2011.07.07 23:49:00
- Yep, when your average income and cost of living drop to what North America's is, we can talk.Till t ...2011.07.06 04:02:00
- I wonder how many people lose their first mining barge to a lone NPC frigate because the phone rings ...2011.06.30 01:30:00
- 1) Don't mine in Caldari space. EVER.2) Don't mine in systems with more then about 15 to 20 people i ...2011.06.11 00:52:00

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