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- I'm so glad I finally got an appointment at the hair dressers. That long hair I have had for five ye ...2011.01.20 10:31:00
- Supported ...2010.07.14 09:49:00
- I now have nearly 45 million points and made this character 2006.08.23. This char was born the day ...2008.12.16 10:45:00
- Please delete me. ...2008.12.12 16:46:00
- Well you will just bring your T1 fitted Dominix with 3 reppers as usual so not even worth the ammo t ...2007.09.18 08:42:00
- Proud Achura and soon with 30m SP in PVP skills. No idea why they seem so popular... ...2007.08.13 12:36:00
- You can't sell a BPO that has been researched on the normal market. You can see if it is researched ...2007.05.01 18:08:00
- This is a very nice character that I have been flying together with many times.Whoever win the aucti ...2007.04.30 22:05:00
- If you're at war, generally speaking, there should be a reason for it. We do it because it is fun t ...2007.04.24 13:53:00
- It's a vexor with more drones. Fit it like a vexor, with more drones.ebay ftl.sgb Please read up o ...2007.04.23 13:47:00
- A few of the risks: Making enemies with your viewpoint / metagame. Drawing unnecessary attention ...2007.04.23 12:06:00
- I'm a fan of the books by Peter F Hamilton so used a few of the characters there for inspiration. ...2007.04.23 09:38:00
- No Guarentee's you have access to cloning bays to do that. So its a risk you have to clarify before ...2007.04.23 09:31:00
- You can buy a character though, Things to comfirm via eve-mail when buying a character is skillpoint ...2007.04.23 09:21:00
- I would be surprised if you got a single ISK returned tbh.So I take it you are surprised? Slightly, ...2007.04.21 11:55:00

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