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- looks like you are smuggling to me. ...2011.08.23 15:24:00
- Which probably explains why Eve railgun rounds have exotic warheads (e.g. anti-matter) instead of ju ...2011.08.05 19:13:00
- 425mm how sweet...Quad 3500mm Siege ArtilleryThis is a very rough idea of what 3500mm is, this might ...2011.08.05 19:07:00
- As with all generalisations to do with eve players its plain wrong. ...2011.07.27 19:21:00
- Edited by: Doddy on 25/07/2011 18:29:41 Edited by: Doddy on 25/07/2011 18:23:06I would have thought ...2011.07.25 18:22:00
- heh I thought curse was good - then 2-3 sleipnirs showed up and a few secs later curse was no more. ...2011.07.25 17:03:00
- They are not dead, but with a wit like syox at the helm i am sure RL will soon make it so. ...2011.07.22 20:10:00
- CCP happens to think that making the rats more 'challenging' means giving the AI the ability to not ...2011.07.18 01:48:00
- 6 hrs a night maybe a year. Much less with a hauler/bonuses. ...2011.07.16 20:05:00
- BRNV shop2.2 bilTrading focussed but has all round basic building/hauling/pos/cyno skills. ...2011.07.14 22:21:00
- Edited by: Doddy on 14/07/2011 22:06:26 bump for a corpy ;) ...2011.07.14 22:05:00
- I think we have established by now that the servers are down...Yeah but everyone needs to post, pref ...2011.07.13 16:27:00
- The barge was packing points obviously Oh yes top concern for every Exhumer just incase a helpful ...2011.07.12 01:22:00
- You can not warp 100km just because your Ceptor is at 150km. I can't? ...2011.07.12 01:19:00
- I say, stick to the trailers like Casualty or the Butterfly Effect The Wolf kills 3 Frigs, some Tec ...2011.07.12 01:16:00

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