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- Planets won't be exclusive; lots of players will be able to build in the same area. Amounts that c ...2010.04.24 09:41:00
- Hmm... what's a survey? Never got any, 1st time i hear someone mentions it. Still no insight on any ...2010.03.02 07:29:00
- Creepy. O_o Better not to think of it as a living being, or finally, it could happen to be male, not ...2009.12.27 22:52:00
- Ahem. Have I understood correctly, that the game was named EVE in the name of the first hole, which ...2009.12.27 22:45:00
- I think they already said that it's not going to happen unless they can give lasers some sort of com ...2009.11.30 14:05:00
- Hi there everybody.Since 1 day ago I've been given a mining mission by an agent from the Command div ...2009.11.30 13:30:00
- Yeah, if you think of paint as CONVENTIONAL paint, it sound silly, but if you think about it as a pa ...2009.10.17 21:41:00
- Idea:There are ecm bombs, let's do PAINT BOMBS also. They mark all nearby ships with paint, which is ...2009.10.17 20:55:00
- Edited by: Maglietto on 07/10/2009 18:24:40In addition, Perhaps if you have a surplus of T1 ships (o ...2009.10.07 18:24:00
- It seems like there's two contradictory goals: trying to get more people to come to 0.0, and bring ...2009.09.24 17:30:00
- Edited by: Maglietto on 24/09/2009 13:43:53 Edited by: Maglietto on 24/09/2009 13:36:19It seems lik ...2009.09.24 10:17:00
- Co-Processor II Co-Processor II Adaptive Nano Plating II Adaptive Nano Plating IICatalyzed Cold-G ...2009.06.21 15:14:00
- Edited by: Maglietto on 21/06/2009 15:10:07 how about the DCU makes the windows on the ship flash o ...2009.06.21 15:08:00
- Edited by: Maglietto on 15/01/2009 18:02:45 THANK YOU VERY MUCH ...2009.01.15 18:01:00
- Edited by: Xoana Antia on 15/01/2009 17:58:02 Edited by: Xoana Antia on 15/01/2009 17:54:21 all fo ...2009.01.15 17:58:00

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