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- Edited by: Thorradin on 10/06/2011 01:12:23 not worth pointing out bad trolling. ...2011.06.10 01:10:00
- If the OP was complaining about almost anything else I'd say they're trolling. Odds are you made yo ...2010.09.01 03:57:00
- please go eve search prior threads... you'll find some links where senior GM's did finally officiall ...2010.08.14 19:15:00
- Hmm - are the devs running scared? IceCould you please explain what definite of 'blog' you refer to ...2010.08.10 05:26:00
- Okay, I've got something.1. What if I've just asked my friend to post such petition? Can I post such ...2010.06.26 03:25:00
- Problem: -Dominion bug sends missions to more crowded systems (highsec). -Tyrannis bug sends mis ...2010.06.02 01:07:00
- during when dominion came out i think it was beating cod4 for a day :SThat's because everyone who pl ...2009.12.13 17:45:00
- It would also render whole classes of targets economically invulnerable to suicide ganking, specific ...2009.12.13 17:39:00
- Drop your current petition and file a stuck petition. If that doesnt help within a few days write an ...2009.12.13 17:29:00
- It cannot be in empire since som e mods wont or REALLY shoudnt be used in high sec.Dictor bubbles, s ...2009.02.02 22:21:00
- Military experts are calling this a covert nanowhine.PvP is fine now. This tournament should be pre ...2008.11.30 15:16:00
- So... I just got a little bored and decided to whip up some numbers on this whole speed nerf thing a ...2008.11.12 03:45:00
- Target painter drones plus web on your ship should do the trick?Why would he use target painter dron ...2008.11.12 03:16:00
- What do you mean 'anymore'?Didn't you know? It was intended for everything BS-sized and smaller to ...2008.11.12 03:09:00
- i was in anchauttes this morning and saw 'bobo1018' again. she got yellow icon and skull as well . ...2008.10.26 18:48:00

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