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- I really believe GoonFleet did it. It's like an I.Q. black hole that has sucked all of the internet ...2008.12.01 03:11:00
- no one cares what a fluffy carebear thinks, when u try and pvp with missiles then ur opinion might h ...2008.11.30 20:31:00
- Edited by: Truk Mei on 30/11/2008 20:14:09 Zeba , You've read my mind, before I even thought of it ...2008.11.30 20:12:00
- I just don't get it ....The nerf whines The Caldari are worthless whines Quantum Rise ruined Eve O ...2008.11.30 19:45:00
- Now you're getting it.I'm sure CCP didn't envision an entire Alliance doing something like that.... ...2008.09.12 17:48:00
- The Tempur-Pedic Mattress .... Science is the ****. Let them starve. Darfur Who ??? ... Sudan wh ...2008.09.10 18:03:00
- Be happy that CCP didn't perma-ban your account. Personally, I think it is okay to scam others as ...2008.08.13 22:13:00
- ... beat the dead horse crapThats my 2 isk. Flame away fanbois. Why post this ?Did you not bother ...2008.08.06 23:04:00

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