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- truncated content ...2011.01.02 16:12:00
- I wish I would have known about dominion and tyrannis, wouldn't have subbed. ...2010.07.28 18:09:00
- Well, if you think jita is laggy, welcome to any 0.0 system with 50 vs 50 fight or bigger going on, ...2010.07.18 21:47:00
- At least this thread is getting better replies than the official one... ...2010.07.18 11:27:00
- When planning a roam, I look at the map, plan the route, at every system has more then 1 player in s ...2010.07.18 11:13:00
- So you are iterating on incarna, dust and PI, yay.... How about FW and Sov? Or atleast fixing their ...2010.07.17 18:58:00
- Well, just wait 18 months and CCP will get to fixing it!And bear in mind that with the unamed-snake- ...2010.07.16 11:25:00
- Hey guys, just wait 18 months and it will all be better, promise!Joopajoo, bugeja riittää, blood wor ...2010.07.14 21:05:00
- Our logs show that we have logged nothing. ...2010.07.14 14:53:00
- I'm confused, first CCP says that they are committed to excellence and then they say no to every req ...2010.07.12 19:08:00
- BTW, strange things happen if you claim the station before ihub is destroyed even if the hub is curr ...2010.07.09 09:27:00
- Well, the CCP supercap reimbursment policy has one big drawback, if anyone but NC boards the spawned ...2010.07.08 13:34:00
- I sympathise with you bra. Loads of stuff is bunk when it comes to SOV such as stront timers still t ...2010.07.08 11:20:00
- Well atleast CCP has 80% satisfaction rate on their petitions...... ...2010.07.08 11:02:00
- Very interesting DevBlog, well done to CCP Blaze. I was thinking the other day though that some lag ...2010.07.08 01:30:00

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