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- Zev Torban who the hell are you?Lemme remind you , you are just fresh meat , given by the RL to LR t ...2010.08.13 12:12:00
- Well we see how nc threat their pet/renter/alli so no big deal....but sry im a bit confuse about vol ...2010.08.09 12:23:00
- I'm pretty sure you're confusing something, sacrifice does not have a sequel.and it's brilliant! ...2009.12.14 16:30:00
- Sacrifice...Mind blowing game, should have gotten a sequel. great concept, over the top creatures an ...2009.12.14 14:54:00
- American pancakes are horribleotherwise it's a tie*flamesuit* ...2009.11.15 08:19:00
- in the grim future of the 41rst millenium... ...2009.09.02 20:28:00
- Edited by: Jane Indy on 09/08/2009 11:44:41 meh nvm mine is a passive pvp fitting, However i would ...2009.08.09 11:42:00
- Well i don't really see the problem in that Brcause it allready completely obsoletes the Deimos.and ...2009.07.17 05:45:00
- Edited by: Jane Indy on 16/07/2009 19:51:47 Ehh i think they should buff proteus drone mods a littl ...2009.07.16 19:48:00
- Mehh not really necessary ...2009.07.15 15:48:00
- Couldn't agree less, You're all forgetting it uses lasers and as such has 4x more range than any pro ...2009.06.28 15:05:00
- ^ Thisand you obviously have no idea what tech 3 cruisers are... ...2009.06.09 05:11:00
- hmmI resolved removing all eve files and restarting the computer, worked fine, thanks for the idea. ...2009.05.30 06:00:00
- so i came back from my trip and found out a new patch had arrived.. fair enough, i downloaded it, it ...2009.05.29 18:12:00
- then i think Sansha LP store should get some shield mods, don't you think? ...2009.05.20 07:52:00

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