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- The OP has a point, no ship has been killed in pvp since WTZ was introduced.Um... wut?Too subtle for ...2010.07.04 04:28:00
- Concentrated Fail jesus christ , and I thought NightmareX was dumb.He is.The OP has a point, no shi ...2010.07.04 02:32:00
- toon ...2010.07.04 01:51:00
- Edited by: Tank CEO on 01/07/2010 07:57:24 Its nice to see I still have enemies like the few that p ...2010.07.01 23:20:00
- Its nice to see I still have enemies like the few that posted in this topic.. They are the main reas ...2010.07.01 06:18:00
- My mom says I'm really special, and you people should all listen to me. Is this one of those occasi ...2010.06.22 23:01:00
- Edited by: Lady Karma on 22/06/2010 22:18:17 ok, I'll bite.You are suggesting that you can field a ...2010.06.22 21:53:00
- 8. find a way to permit cloaking in the arena, so there is reason to use falcons, pilgrims, or black ...2010.06.22 19:48:00
- Hydra demonstrating their superior forum trolling skills once again.Can't believe how many bites you ...2010.06.20 23:15:00
- amphetamines ...2010.06.20 21:26:00
- Those trailers look awesome, what game is that? ...2010.06.20 21:20:00
- I will offer the Hulkaexcuse group plane tickets if they like to where i am at. Weathers real nice ...2010.06.20 14:32:00
- It's not a very good ship in this particular setting. It's serviceable, but not great which is what ...2010.06.20 02:38:00
- I'd like to put my self forward as a comentator for the next torney as I think i could bring a added ...2010.06.19 21:10:00
- Bah, public or not.I am **** off that the commentators are more and more giving advice to the teams ...2010.06.19 21:05:00

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