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- The entire game is designed around the guns being as they are right now. If you bring in a skill lik ...2011.09.07 19:50:00
- If I were to train capitals, I'm assuming the best option would be to go for Amarr Dreadnaught, bu ...2011.09.05 08:39:00
- Point is, higher alpha usually has higher non theoretical dps.Imagine this scenario:You do 900 damag ...2011.09.02 13:53:00
- Edited by: Akita T on 01/09/2011 16:32:13Good to hear.bubbles (drag & mobile) EDIT:Just to be clear ...2011.09.02 13:49:00
- Firing at Optimal Range (or under) -> hit 100% of the time. Firing at Optimal Range + Falloff -> hi ...2011.09.02 13:46:00
- Edited by: Drykor on 02/09/2011 12:06:19 Definitely get bomb deployment to IV to get access to all ...2011.09.02 12:05:00
- I don't know, probably not too much as you'd have to be mad to jump around a ship like that without ...2011.09.01 15:10:00
- Yes many of these ideas have been around, though usually in the form of 'using' a certain skill (not ...2011.09.01 15:06:00
- Thread should be locked for trying to ruin other people's experiences. Also, API key or GTFO. ...2011.08.31 20:56:00
- And why exactly is this in COAD? ...2011.08.29 11:05:00
- He's actually right though, but not because you can run them with 2 characters. Even if you do them ...2011.08.28 19:44:00
- Edited by: Drykor on 28/08/2011 18:57:41PS: Incursions need a nerf. Nobody should be able to make ...2011.08.28 18:57:00
- Edited by: Drykor on 28/08/2011 18:38:56 Joined the club. ha ...2011.08.28 18:39:00
- IIRC, the distance away from a wormhole at which you can smartbomb is equal to the range on your sma ...2011.08.27 17:28:00
- Cool story bro. ...2011.08.27 17:13:00

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