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- Mekela,46,75,140,119,88,10,41 ...2011.07.31 00:48:00
- They need to implement a no local chat in Jita. Basically shut Jita chata down. (I'm not talking ab ...2011.06.01 05:12:00
- um not even notice it ...2011.02.20 09:00:00
- I'll take one on this char ...2011.02.15 22:29:00
- this char - contact in game or here ...2010.10.14 21:56:00
- Still the best idea put on this forum in the last 4 yearsPS page 7 was way to low for this topic. ...2010.08.19 01:45:00
- This is what POS's should be so why not?!?!?!I would like to see CCP actually take the time to expla ...2010.06.01 07:25:00
- I don't care if CCP says no again, I want it brought up again and again. This is something we the p ...2010.04.06 05:55:00
- So what are the reasons CCP isn't doing this? I don't understand they have done alot of things that ...2010.03.24 19:20:00
- CCP of all the things you have listened to, why is this one so hard for you to work with? ...2009.12.08 08:21:00
- Um don't we allready have this, I believe these special drones we have are called MISSILES. ...2009.08.20 16:58:00
- you do know that if you set your clone restoration at someplace usefull, then suiciding that useless ...2009.07.16 22:28:00
- I am surprised there has been no comments here about the chronicle. Anyone care to post feelings ab ...2009.07.16 20:58:00
- Wow for sci fi geeks people seem to miss alot of stuffI am not going to quote because that would req ...2009.05.31 20:35:00
- weather it is modular like the OP suggested (I think it is the best way to do as well) or adding wal ...2009.05.16 03:20:00

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